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07-Feb-2018 10:30

I proudly keep the local newspaper article in my bedside drawer for months.” -He was in bands with astonishingly awful names like Moppa Blues and Zoot and Wickedy Wak.-At age 25 he dated a then 15-year-old Linda Blair.

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I didn’t get a whole lot of satisfaction, so to speak. Your best pal strikes it lucky by hooking up with a hottie, the Green Eyed Monster bowls up and before long you’re wondering: 'Where can I get myself one of those?Or maybe even the original model…' This awkward scenario befell Rick Springfield in the late 70s.The next thing I know…I find out that they’ve just robbed the store.” The kicker?

“The write up in the paper about the robbery is my !I’m slammed hard to the concrete floor, rather the worse for wear.” -One band he played in early on used to hold up local stores.“Incredibly, I remain blissfully unaware of this part of the routine for a while, until we pull up outside a liquor store late one night and all the other band members get out and tell me to stay in the idling car.So was based on something that happened to me later on.” The singer had come across the girl in question when she began dating an acquaintance of his named Gary, with whom he had taken a stained glass-making class in Pasadena, California.

Find out how Rick Springfield handles his relationships and test what you and Rick Springfield have going in love, marriage, friendship, partnership, dating and more.… continue reading »

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Rick Springfield has been married to Barbara Porter since October 27, 1984. They have been married for 33.3 years.… continue reading »

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