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However, your show brought a glow back to his face and that is like GOLD in my life. I'll will absolutely flip out just to be in the same space with Sammy! thanx and Rock On Absolutely loved the DVD and the editing was amazing. I bought our tickets during the Red Rocker fan pre-sale and have 7th row tickets to the show. I listened to your songs but as I teen I had horses not tape player etc. But I rewrote the lyrics for my friend and I was wondering if you could sing with and dedicate it to her.

We just moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas from the St. I thought we'd never get to see you in concert here, but last week I heard the announcement you'll be coming to Rogers. We can't wait to see you guys in our new home state! But my friend has your CD introduced me to more your music. I want to play something from the guy she loved hearing we enjoyed.

That was before the 1960's when The Beatles and The Rolling Stones caught his ear and turned him on to rock & roll.Listen to Poundcake on Sammy's Soundcloud below, or listen on You Tube if that's more your style! I closed my eyes when the levee breaks was being played and I was back at a 1976 zep concert.So I’m a little embarrassed to say I didn’t know much about the Circle until you all played a free concert at Forest Parks Art Hill here in St. Was always a rocker and loved Montrose, Sammy on his own, Van Halen was made magic by you Sammy, and then back on your own and with many others but when I went to this fair Saint Louis it was like being reborn, rock and roll had been in such a rut, music itself was uninspired with occasional spikes of decent songs and singers here and there but nothing like the old days when music spoke to your soul and every musician was spilling their soul out to the world. Dang it I've seen everyone but Hagar is not just the coolest mo fo in rock he is the best performer and the circle sound is incredible. It's in largely due to your music on how it's inspired, motivated and driven my life to never quit.Past winners include Joan Baez, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Metallica. The distinctive cover image was shot in Stockwell Road, London, SW9 in the midst of the rows of red Pride & Clark auto shops. 'Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar Presented by Mercury Insurance' on AXS TV which features the Hall of Famer hitting the road for interviews and adventures with some of his rock star friends.