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02-Mar-2017 01:18

I'm still working on refining all the source and cost info, but since that is stored on an external location, when it is updated the info will be updated on your sheet if you've made a copy.

Sheet two contains dungeons lock out info for dungeons that you need mounts from.

If you're wondering why the answer is addressed in the FAQ.

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The layout for this design was created by reddit user /u/robinnymann You can easily copy this sheet to an existing project by right clicking on the sheet's tab at the bottom of the Google Docs where it says "Gear Details" and Select "Copy to.." Make sure you also copy the script that is used to generate it.In this update we utilize the Blizzard API to display the entirety of the armory including a full listing of completed achievements, including rewards, and progress of not yet fully completed achievements.In addition to a “light” version of achievements and progress we maintain the ability to display all characters on the account.In the near future we intend to add functions to display individual characters progress on selected achievements, as well as account wide progress on those achievements, in order to display the quickest path to complete achievements on your account as a whole or on individual characters.