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As such amendments can only be made by the Union Parliament.All India Services such as IAS and IPS have been created which are kept under the control of the Union.In other words, Governor is the agent of the Centre in the States.The working of Indian federal system clearly reveals that the Governor has acted more as centre’s representative than as the head of the State.This enables the Union government to exercise control over the State administration.

The Concurrent List has 47 subjects important to both the Union and the State such as Electricity, Trade Union, Economic and Social Planning, etc.

Supremacy of judiciary is another very important feature of a federal state where there is an independent judiciary to interpret the Constitution and to maintain its sanctity.

The Supreme Court of India has the original jurisdiction to settle disputes between the Union and the States.

After this procedure the amendment is signed by the head of the state i.e; the President.

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Since in India important amendments can be amended through this procedure Hence, Indian Constitution has been rightly called a rigid constitution. The Union List consists of 97 subjects of national importance such as Defence, Railways, Post and Telegraph, etc.

The supremacy of the constitution means that both, the Union and the State Governments, shall operate within the limits set by the Constitution.

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