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Outside cocoons of private affluence such as the golf club, millions have no jobs and no cash and yet must pay for schooling and healthcare.

Everything is for sale, piled into pyramids by the road: rocks, maize, phone cards, inner tubes, pineapples, coffins, antelope heads, fanbelts, flip-flops and sex.

Towards midnight, four women pair off with a table of white expats; they might make $100 (£57) by dawn.

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"If a client comes I suggest a condom but they give me less money," she said.

Natalie and Safia use packs of Prudence condoms supplied by MSF with their predominantly Congolese punters but admit they don't use them with their Love.

Most Loves keep four or five prostitutes and sleep around.

Living in a breezeblock barn built by the government "pour handicaps physiques sinistres", it is the best price Doris, 34, a pregnant mother of four, can get in the circumstances: one foot was ruined by polio and, worse, she insists on using a condom.

The next morning the Londoners, together with older women such as Doris wait, by a shabby white building in the slums.

"I lost my parents, I had no one to support me," said Judith, 21, who could be a student and once was.

May 1, 2009. And these men thought that they could easily buy these girls for sex. But I wanted high school girls to be empowered and understand their own sexuality. I've never really gotten into trouble shooting these young girls. I only provide the atmosphere that allows the girls to be free to do what they want. I don't.… continue reading »

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Read through for 100 unusual baby names you've never heard of, but are definitely going to want to put to use. Gaige; Gibson; Haiden; Ignacio; Jabari; Jakobe; Jaylon; Joziah; Kael; Keon; Keyon; Kyan; Lathan; Leighton; Malaki; Maxton; Mustafa; Quinten; Roderick; Thaddeus; Turner; Vaughn; Vihaan; Yehuda; Zaire.… continue reading »

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It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda is in the African Great.… continue reading »

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Feb 7, 2016. The Scottish art-school boys wanted to make guitar music "girls could dance to" and they hit the bull's eye with this audacious track that morphs from angular. Sassy and sexy, the dungaree-clad Atlanta girl-group slowed down new jack swing and added an empowered attitude and Prince-style eroticism.… continue reading »

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May 26, 2014. Durban - A schoolgirl told the Durban Regional Court on Monday she charged R50 for sex after being given drugs. The girl, who cannot be named, told the court she was called by a white person who asked her how much it costs. "I told him it was R100, as I was told to. The R100 was for the blowjob and the.… continue reading »

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