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They did go outside whenever there was a short break in the weather, however – to get more firewood and to collect Arctic foxes from the traps they had set (the foxes seemed not to mind the dark or the cold: the crew were able to trap foxes all winter and used the furs for hats and consumed the meat, which they apparently relished). After a harrowing encounter with three bears on the 26th of October (as they moved the last of their belongings off the ship), the men did not see another bear until Jan. It was not until December that De Veer noted massive storms coming one after the other, with lots of snow and howling wind. During this depth of winter (December to early January), even when the storms died down it was even more bitterly cold than it had been in November. The Dutchmen were plagued by polar bears almost the entire time they were on Novaya Zemlya (see Fig. De Veer’s notes on these encounters provide a unique perspective on polar bear activities over the Arctic winter – ironically, it is not the havoc the bears caused that provides the most important clue but rather, the timing of when they left Barents and his crew alone. An engraving from De Veer’s journal conveys the struggle the crew faced in warding off polar bears during their winter stay at Novaya Zemlya.The bears not only stalked and attacked the crew, they got into the food stores on the ship.(From Wikipedia).She strips down to just her nylons and fingers her pussy before showing off an already large gaping ass. The guys take turns in her ass and pussy, and then Phoenix kneels to take the cum shots on her face and in her mouth.

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The timing of this hiatus of polar bears – in relation to the extent of storms and cold experienced at this location – suggests that they reduced their activities due to the darkness, not the cold. one bear damaged the roof, eventually it moved off 15 Apr. This hiatus of polar bear activity around did not correlate with the period of most intense storms and cold.

meant it had about three months of darkness, from early November through early February.